E.S.BIT – Under Reaming Systems (Extend-Shrink Bit)


Superior Drilling Efficiency
The innovative design of the E.S.Bit allows the Guide Bit to handle the majority of the drilling work, while the expanded Bit Heads focus on reaming. 

This approach minimizes energy loss from the hammer, ensuring consistently high drilling efficiency.

Precise Concentric Drilling
The E.S.Bit Heads expand and retract in a perfectly concentric manner, guaranteeing a round and true hole. 

This system eliminates the risk of wandering or producing an offset, ensuring a straight, 

round hole that matches the quality of those drilled with conventional bits.

Effortless Retraction
Upon reaching the desired depth, the E.S.Bit Heads can be easily retracted by reversing the rotation direction as the bit body is lifted, 

simplifying the retraction process.